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2010-07-03 19:30:25 by pillipow

I don't many people read my news posts... but i have a big dilemma... the last two years i have improved my animating drastically, but what i haven't improved (don't even think i can improve) is my drawing skills... even on my computer... so I need Ideas for simple... yet easy to edit and original characters... iv'e been working on som of my own... but no dice yet... please newgrounds, help a man out here.

Photoshop white outline

2008-12-03 17:05:03 by pillipow

I'm realy frustrated, I've been drawing some characters in adobe photoshop 7.0, and when i copy them over to flash there is this really annoying white outline. if anyone knows how to get this outline disappear, if you know anything pleas post

no more post for a while

2008-04-07 15:04:04 by pillipow

I will not post any new flash for a while, cause im practicing creating movies, im gonna improve graphicks a lot! and if you've seen my movies youl see I need great improvment. Also il have to make the moves more smoothe and use more frame by frame animating. any sugestions where i get good toturials

no more post for a while